Foryons (combined from the words forever and young) also known as The Protectors and The Lightbringers, are elves and humans who have the ability to control light and mirror. Such powers can only be inherited. Most foryons live in the kingdom of Camer, a hidden kingdom in the North of Emeras.

Since the elves and the humans have been enemies for hundreds of years, it is the task of foryons to prevent battles and keep peace between them. To help them to do that, they have been gifted with the ability to control light. Foryons are hated amongst some elves and especially humans, which is why they live in hiding.

Foryons are only supposed to use their gifts for good. Once they become evil, their ability to control light starts to change into the ability to control shadows. Such people are known as enyons, the archenemies of foryons.

The first foryon and the most skilled master of light is Helyn. He is the founder of Camer and can use light in every way possible.